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MaxxECU Introduction.

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MaxxECU - Top of the line engine management system.

MaxxECU is a Swedish based company, developing and producing our own market leading engine management system. Made by professional tuners to be the most powerful, easy to use and flexible engine management system ever made. MaxxECU is designed to give optimal performance on the track and on the street. Built-in fault diagnostics and engine protection as standard.


MTune, the modern and flexible PC software is used for all configuration, tuning.

MDash, Android app, displays all engine data to the user. Inputs also possible.


Note: This help documentation is a complement to our PDF manuals


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Manual Changelog



Latest MTune updates


MTune 1.118

New OEM CAN Protocol: Ford Focus ST225, Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 (ME 9.0)

New Trigger: Honda K20A2.

Shiftcut minimum enable RPM lowered to 800rpm.

Changed so the nitrous RPM can be set to 0 for Nitrous testing purposes.

Fixed a critical bug where knock control feature did not function properly.

Fixed a bug with unhandled exceptions with unexpected axis handling.

Fixed a bug with unhandled exception when changing measurement system and a logfile was opened.

Fixed a bug where the new cut/retard reasons in the live logger changed with the realtime value, not the actual logged value.

Fixed a bug where the new cut/retard reasons didn't show correct reason with Nitrous.

Fixed a bug where Surface 3D view not reloaded the view after a "inverted view" was requested by the right-click menu option.

Fixed a bug where Surface 3D view not reloaded the view after a "load from file" in the 2D+3D mode.



Download here.

Release date: 2018-12-11



MTune 1.117

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.118), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.



Fixed a nasty bug which we accidentally added in the last minutes before launching MTune 1.116, causing an unhandled exception when clicking on any axis values in 2D mode.



Download here.

Release date: 2018-11-30




This unhandled exception dialog appeared in MTune 1.116 when you clicked any axis value. Press Quit, and update to MTune 1.117.




- We are truly sorry about this, we are not perfect, but we are committed to total excellence in our products.




MTune 1.116

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.118), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


Cruise control function.

New option Idle control settings to use both ignition an air to control ignition (dual mode).

Local autotune will now only affect the closest cell (not the four surrounding ones as in earlier MTune versions).

Autotune from logfile, change of visualization on both 2D and 3D.

Option to hide infrequent trigger errors.

ECU power hold user time can now be set with a table or a fixed value.

New GP RPM limit tables added.

New Alternator control output function added.

Automatic change to Optimal or High Performance Windows Power Plan during MTune startup as default (with an option to turn it off).

New RealTime Data value: Fuel/Ignition cut and ignition retard reasons.

New RealTime Data value: Lambda target error.

New RealTime Data value: Engine max RPM (resettable with a button in engine counters).

New RealTime Data value: Engine max MAP (resettable with a button in engine counters).

New RealTime Data value: Engine total time over limit (resettable with a button in engine counters).

New RealTime Data value: Engine total time on launch (resettable with a button in engine counters).

New RealTime Data value: Engine-Driveshaft Ratio.

New RealTime Data value: Driveshaft-Engine Ratio.

New error code: MAP-sensor error.

New compressed log-file format (.MaxxECU-Zip-Log) which includes the tune file.

RPM as axis in power management system (speed was the only option before).

New setting for the fuel pump priming time, used by the fuel pump relay output.

New setting to idle up before start of the radiator fan output in idle control settings.

VVT duty % compensation based on voltage.

Added option to use a table to set a the locked idle ignition advance.

Feature to create base curves for the power management system.

Added Minimum engine run time option to the advanced warning system.

Changed the minimum Cut above RPM value in the advanced warning system, to be able to use the warning system even on idle or engine startup.

New setting to disable Power Management and Traction Control when activating the digital input function secondary rev-limiter (can be used as a ”Burnout Limiter”), setting available in the rev limit.

Lowest MAP value that can be used is changed from 20kPa to 0kPa.

Increased allowed PWM frequencies to 20kHz on all PWM outputs.

Rate of change channels that can be enabled for any RT-value.

Added an option to lock cells in tables. Locked cells can't be changed by the autotuner or by key shortcuts.

Improved dialog to add/remove cells when rescaling an axis.

New keyboard shortcut to switch between 2D/3D is the key "D".

Pressing ESC key anywhere in MTune, sets focus on the settings tree view.

2D tables selections synced with 3D selections.

Surface 3D: Now available for ALL tables.

Surface 3D: Wire frame mode update.

Surface 3D: Value traceline.

Surface 3D: Options now in a right click menu instead.

Surface 3D: Improved color highlighting.

Surface 3D: Change selection with SHIFT+arrow keys.

Surface 3D: Local autotune with one cell only (before 4 cells).

Surface 3D: When selections moved to the ends, the selections will shrink.

New trigger: Nissan HR13DE.

New trigger: 18-2-2-2 Jeep Cherokee (MJ-XJ 19).

New trigger: Toyota 1GR-FE, 3UR-FE.

New trigger: GM LT5 gen I (8+1 on crank).

OEM CAN protocol update: BMW E46 MS43.

New OEM CAN protocol: Nissan Patrol Y61.

New input function: CAN System Fuel Consumption Meter.

New input function: CAN System Torque Value.

New injector presets

New E-Throttle presets

New input sensor presets.

Fixed a bug where multiple cells was selected, typing x,x caused just one cell to change (x.x worked).

Fixed a bug, RealTime Data value for Injection event start angle (ATDC) was misspelled as DBTC (but values was correctly logged as ATDC).

Fixed a bug where an unpredictable saving of log viewer settings was triggered.

Fixed a bug where ignition output coil duty was not displayed correctly in RealTime Data, output states.

Fixed a bug when the log viewer added channels on a closed plot area.

Fixed a bug where counters didn't reset to the Min Value.



Download here.

Release date: 2018-11-29