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Digital inputs

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DIN x Function

Specifies the digital input function to trigger when this inputs gets active.


DIN x Function 2

Specifies the digital input function to trigger as function 2 when using the below latch function.


DIN x latch

Adds a latching feature of the digital input, with possibility to trigger a secondary digital function.

None (active while the input is active)

Push: on, Push: off

Push: on, long Push: off

Push: on, long Push: function 2 on, push: both off


DIN x Description

User-defined name for this input to easily identify what's connected.


DIN x Active level

Specifies whether function is active when voltage is high or low.


DIN x Pullup

Specifies whether to use internal pullup resistor (to +5V) on selected input. <-- only use when your have grounded the input.

Note: is not available on all ECUs.


DIN x Input type

Specifies the type (hall or VR) of sensor connected to the input.

Note: is not available on all ECUs.



Also, see wiring information - Digital inputs.



Digital inputs available in MaxxECU

AC clutch disable

AC request/idle up

Actuator target state

After launch power limit disable

Angle logger

Anti-lag enable

Audi trigger cam sensor

Auto transmission gear selector

Auto transmission manual mode switch

Auto transmission, enable WOT RPM shift

Auto transmission, switch to 2nd shift table

Avg fuel consumption reset

BMW MS 43 Steering Wheel Buttons

Boost Control Enable

Boost target switch

Brake pedal/stop light active

Clutch switch


Cruise control, Abort

Cruise control, Accelerate

Cruise control, Decelerate

Cruise control, Resume

Cruise control, Set

DCT clutchkick/burnout mode

Disable traction control

Ethanol sensor

E-Throttle Volvo backup pedal position (PWM)

E-Throttle Volvo main and backup pedal position (PWM)

External lambda 1, error

External lambda 2, error

External lambda 1, valid

External lambda 2, valid

Extra fuel table X table activation switch

Extra ignition table X table activation switch

Extra fuel/ign table activation switch (all)

Idle control disable

Ignition key

Launch control switch, enable stage

Logging, reset and start new file

Logging, run

MDash page/reset CEL (hold)

Nitrous enable switch

Nitrous stage x activate

Power management system disable

Power management system enable

Pulse output x trigger input

PWM Input Frequency+Duty

Rolling launch control switch

RPM limit, enable GP limiter

RPM limit, use secondary limit RPM

RPM limit, use secondary mode


Speed limit 1 enable

Speedsensor drive shaft RPM

Speedsensor transmission input shaft RPM

Speedsensor wheelspeed front/rear right/left

Start logging

Stop engine/prevent start

Throttle blip trigger

Timer X start/stop/reset

Transbrake bump/creep button

Transbrake hold button

Transmission up/down shift

Trigger CAM/HOME

Trigger, HOME+CAM dual sensor, cam sensor

Turbo speed sensor

User PID enable control

Vehicle speed sensor VSS (simple)

Wheel setup (use setup 2 when active)

Virtual fuel tank reset level

VVT Cam pos. exhaust/intake