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MaxxECU online help

MTune since version 1.103 has the ability to lock certain setting pages in MTune to prevent changes of settings without entering a password set by the tuner.



For the tuner


1. Go online to the MaxxECU you need to lock certain features on.


2. Navigate to Configuration --> ECU lock and press the "Set new password..." button.


Enter your tuner name, contact information and enter your password in both fields (passwords are visible when entered). Press the "Set password" button in the lower right corner to confirm.



3. Confirm password set


The "Password set" tab is visible and shows information to the customer who is responsible to actually have locked the ECU and their contact information is displayed.



4. Lock tables of interest


Right click on ANY setting page, select Lock and that table will immediately be locked.




A locked table is displayed with a "[L]" in front of the setting page.


Note: The tuner password needs to be entered one time only until MTune is restarted, the tuner can always see and manipulate the tables during the tuning session.




For the customer


Note: MTune 1.103 and newer MUST be used, otherwise MTune can't communicate with MaxxECU at all if it's locked by a tuner!


1. Go online with MaxxECU MTune.


Note the locked setting page ("[L]") which cant be viewed without entering the correct password.


2. Click on the setting page and enter password


A new windows appears, enter the correct password (if you have it...)


Wrong password entered


If wrong password is entered, the above window will appear and the below information becomes visible after button confirmation.




Visible page when a wrong password has been entered:

1.Enter the correct password to unlock the setting page.

2.Reset ALL ECU SETTINGS to default and remove all locks.



Correct password entered


The locked setting page will be available when the correct password is entered.