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MaxxECU online help

Speed sensor


Speed source

The source for speed in whole MaxxECU.

VSS (single speed sensor, old system) - The old system and simple system, use when justa simple vehicle speed is going to be displayed on MDash or similar.

Driven wheel speed (new system) - The new "Traction" system, use whenever you want all the new and best features related to vehicle speeds, like traction, power management, distance counters etc.


sensor calibration

Speed sensors calibration with the VSS (single speed sensor, old system), press Calibrate sensor button and follow instructions.



Gear calculation


gear calculation

Specifies how the gear calculation should be made.

Manual transmission - For manual transmissions...

automatic transmission (ECU controlled) - for automatic transmissions that is controlled by MaxxECU.

shiftcounter/clutch (upshift seq gearboxes only) - Used to control pneumatic/solenoid shifted drag race transmissions.

RPM Drop (upshift sequential gearbox only) - The Gear counter by RPM drop feature increases the gear counter by sensing the decrease in RPM when the transmission is shifted. No speed sensors or position sensors are required. The counter is reset by either the Launch control, Transbrake or Clutch switch inputs. Can be used with clutchless and automatic transmissions.

analog gear position sensor (sequential gearboxes) - Used when a gear position sensor is mounted inside sequential gearbox.

CAN protocol (OEM) - When enabled, wheel speed source is only from any OEM CAN protocol.


transmission rpm source

engine rpm - Use engine RPM to calculate gears (used in most cases).

transmission input rpm sensor - use a transmission input RPM sensor to calculate gears.


gear x ratio - Only available when Gear calculation = manual transmission

Gear X ratio, press Calibrate gear button when engine is around 1000rpm.



gear counter (drag transmissions)


This system is used to control pneumatic or solenoid shifted transmissions in drag race application (only up-shifting).

Control inputs:

A shift button (transmission up shift).

Clutch switch used to reset the gear counter.


Each time the shift button is pressed the gear counter is increased and the shift solenoid is pulsed.


gear count

Specifies the amount of gears in gearbox.


clutch reset time

The duration after which the gear counter is reset to 0 when the clutch is pressed.


clutch release to 1st delay

Time from the clutch is released to gear 1 is indicated.



Analog gear position sensor



Specifies the gearbox gear setup.






X gear setup


Used to calibrate all gears by pressing the Get current value button and enter min and max range on each gear.


X gear sensor value

The current value from the gear position sensor, press Get current value button for calibration.


X gear min range

Specifies the MIN range from the above GEAR sensor value for the system to consider this gear is in position.


X gear max range

Specifies the MAX range from the above GEAR sensor value for the system to consider this gear is in position.


If the 1st Gear sensor value is 20%, min range is 4% and Max range is 6%, the system will consider the 1st gear to be in position when the gear sensor value is between 16 to 26%.