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Filters/error codes

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Filters/error codes


Option to filter ("slow down") engine data values before they are used for internal calculations.

Note: Higher value = more filter.


MAP filter level

MAP value filtering level.


RPM filter level

RPM value filtering level.


TPS filter level

TPS value filtering level.


Advanced settings


debounce digital inputs

Used to remove very short extra pulses before or after an actual input signal to avoid triggering twice. Should be set to on.


Disable EMI warning

Discard warnings for high interference levels.

See, noise and interference problems.

Note: We recommend not to disable this feature, correct the problem!


Disable 12V2 warning

Disables warning for missing 12V2 power supply.

12V2 (in harness 3) input should be connected to +12V when more power hungry features are used in harness 3 and 4.

Note: Only visible on MaxxECU PRO