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Ford Focus RS 2010 (ME 9.0)

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Inputs (working)

Clutch depressed

Traction button

AC request

All four wheel speeds from ABS


Outputs (working)

Tachometer (RPM)

Check engine light

Turbo boost (0-1.8bar boost)

Oil pressure gauge

Oil temperature

Low oil level light <-- hardcoded to DIN4 input (used by the plugin).

Engine temperatures

Immobilizer light

Traction light





Not working/issues

ODBII diagnostics not available with MaxxECU connected, use stock ECU

Fuel consumption



MTune 1.110: Smoother speedometer output in dash.

MTune 1.108: Initial support for this CAN protocol.


Confirmed to work models

2011 Ford Focus RS, Bosch 0261 209 484 PCM.




Ford Focus RS instrument cluster



Ford Focus dashboard.


Arrow explanation

Green (light): Working.

Green (dark): Working (but not controlled by CAN).

Blue: Not ECU controlled.

Orange: Partly controlled by MaxxECU.

Yellow: Turned off.




The "oil pressure" signal in dashboard to the right is a "simulated" oil pressure signal (from RPM and oil temperature).

Check engine light is connected to MaxxECU error diagnostics.




Example of the instrument cluster during idle.