About MaxxECU

Small, but smart and dedicated team

Devastated over current ECU systems

Thats how it all started, Natanael, our tuner was devastated over available ECU systems, and their lack of interest listening to a small tuning guy from sweden long time ago when his main business was dynotuning cars

Date of birth

In the beginning, Anders was a dynotuning customer at Natanaels workshop, they became friends and together they started something new, which became a revolution in the engine management industri.

Time to make something new

In 2009, the MaxxECU was born. Today, a few years later we are the number one ECU producer in the nordic with over 2500 units sold to dragracers, track, street and timeattack vehicles.

  • Natanael Ceder, MaxxECU Inc.
    Natanael Ceder

    Tuning mastermind, Marketing, Development, Tech support

  • Anders Svanberg, MaxxECU Inc.
    Anders Svanberg

    Technical Development and Research. Production Control

  • Rolf Svanberg, MaxxECU Inc.
    Rolf Svanberg

    Finance and Control

MaxxECU research and dyno facility
MaxxECU research and workshop facility, here with a Ford GT
MaxxECU old research dyno. Dodge Viper MaxxECU tuning
MDash Android app testing on a LS1 pickup with MaxxECU