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8HP control

MaxxECU now supports the 8HP70 (GEN1) gearbox. More gearboxes in the GEN1 series, like the 8HP45 (RWD) and 8HP55 (AWD), are being investigated and will probably be available later on as a free update.
To control the GEN1 8HP gearbox, a custom MaxxECU TCU firmware needs to be reflashed using an external tool.
Selected features
  • Convert and control any GEN1 ZF 8HP70 gearbox.
  • Controls the stock TCU, no internal wiring or soldering needed.
  • Controllable shiftpoints from 1500 to 9000rpm
  • Transbrake available in both M and D, first or second gear up to 7000rpm.
  • Max 9000 engine RPM.
  • Dodge, BMW shifter or use the shift emulation feature with keypad or custom shifter.
  • A Kickdown feature is available for superfast downshifts.