MDash Android app

MaxxECU MDash

  • Monitor MaxxECU engine parameters while driving
  • Shift among modes
  • Shiftlight
  • Warning display
  • Error diagnostics
  • Ghost needle
  • Download from Google Play
Monitor while driving with MDash

MDash is our free Android app that allows MaxxECU Bluetooth enabled units to monitor and make real-time adjustments. Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth

Understand your vehicle

Decide what to monitor and get real insight to your vehicle’s performance in different environments. Includes the advanced warning-system to alert the driver to errors

Shift among modes

Program several modes. For example you can set speed limiters to protect your car from reckless driving. Easy change of boost levels with a single click on a button

If you want the best performance for your car - and we know you do - you also need a wide range of data to monitor while driving...

MDash in real-time view, using the US customary units (selectable).

MDash Android app

Download from Google Play
Selected MDash features
  • Wireless communication to Bluetooth MaxxECUs
  • Everything connected to MaxxECU is selectable
  • Metric or US customary units
  • Text values or gauges can be mixed
  • Boost level switch
  • General switches to be used inside MaxxECU as a condition
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Multi display setup
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and newer

MDash video Academy - Watch and learn