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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


The Speed limiters now have 3 fixed speed settings with an input for each speed (Speed limit X enable/set), a speed limit reset and a new latch mode.

E-Throttle control added to the Speed limiters.

Added options to read any OBD2 PIDs with the CAN Inputs system (inputs 1-12).

Added options to calibrate the internal MAP and BARO sensors.

Added end-stop duty limitation settings to allow the E-throttle to safely drive the throttle to true 0 and 100% positions.

Added gear calculation for 7-speed manual transmissions in Speed/Gear.

Added Advanced Triggers/Home inputs options for separate cranking and running custom missing tooth thresholds.

New MAP dip threshold setting added in Triggers/Home inputs settings when a MAP sensor is used as HOME.

Improved Honda F20C CAM trigger.

Improved Honda K20Z4 CAM trigger.        

Improved tolerance handling in the Nissan CAS V2 trigger to avoid trigger errors caused by valve train slop.

New trigger: Polaris RMK800 2014-2015 (6-1)

New trigger: Mitsubitshi 6G75 (crank + CAM).

New trigger: Mitsubitshi 6G72.

New trigger: Subaru EJ25 (early 6 on crank 1 on cam).

Added an AIN (0-5V) class for a separate MAP as CAM sync sensor (External map sensor CAM reference).

Added 2 more Wheel setups.

Added a Max MAP setting to the Idle ignition control, Ignition lock/idle control.

Added a delay to CLT, IAT and TPS sensor errors to prevent spurious errors during ECU startup.

Added a predefined fuel stoichiometric ratio for E100 in Fuel inj general.

Added a Fuel Density table for flow and mass correction in custom AFR and flex-fuel modes in Fuel inj general.

Improved User PID D-term resolution, D filter selection added in User PID.

Added 6 more User outputs.

User outputs 1-5, and Internal outputs 1-5 can now have custom Boolean final operation expressions.

Dual-stage Radiator FAN control and mode options added.

User PWM channels can have the frequency entered in ms instead of Hz for more precise timing of lower frequencies.

Added a Boost solenoid (closed loop) inverted for the closed loop boost system.

EGT inputs can now be assigned to any AIN (temperature) sensor class.

RealTime Data values are now alphabetically sorted to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

RealTime Data tab now shows another color on values that are updating.

Added escape-key keyboard shortcut to close dialog windows.

Added Home, End, and Shift+Home/End keyboard shortcuts to tables.

Added a Ctrl+Shift+S "Start Engine" keyboard shortcut (requires manual activation in MTune settings), and a Starter motor control output wired to the starter solenoid.

Added options to copy and import table axis from any tables.

Added RealTime Data values for Analog Output voltages on the PRO.

Added a new RealTime Data value: Lambda corr state.

Added Fuel used primary and fuel used secondary RealTime Data values with improved fuel flow calculation in fuel usage.

New RealTime Data values: current individual cylinder fuel and ignition trim.

New RealTime Data value: ShiftCut RPM Drop, which is the RPM drop from the start of the shiftcut. Can be used to control progressive drop shiftcuts.

New digital input function: Shiftcut enable for the Shiftcut function.

New digital input function: CAN, disable all TX which disables all CAN messages from MaxxECU when activated.

New digital input function: Cruise control, enable switch for the cruise control system.

New digital input: Tachometer, show monitor value x to trigger the value presentation, Tach output.

New digital input: Neutral switch input and neutral switch interlock to the Starter motor control.

Starter motor input will now turn off the engine if it's pressed while running.

The minimum speed limit value changed to 5km/h (10km/h before) in Speed limiters.

New Tachometer value presentation function for the Tach output, to show any RealTime Data value on the tachometer for a short time (boost setting, tune selector position etc).

Added a sweep function to the Speedometer output.

Added a new tripmeter with a Tripmeter, reset input in distance counters.

Added settings to Idle control settings, to control the PID range either in absolute position (as before) or relative to the open loop position.

Added min runtime and min clt settings to activate closed loop idle control, Idle control settings.

Decreased the ”long push” time for the keypad and Digital inputs from 1 sec to 0.5 sec.

Rolling launch control now overrides the speed limiter if both are active at the same time.

MIN discharge time can now be lower than 0.5ms in Ignition settings.

New min engine rpm setting for AC magnetic clutch output activation.

Added separate GP RPM limiter settings for increase and decrease delays        .

Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2): LOW FAN now starts at 82 deg C, HIGH FAN now starts at 85deg C.

Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 (ME 9.0) AC request update.

Ford Mustang 2011 - 2014, OEM CAN Buttons added, support for tach output value presentation.

Added timeout settings to CAN Inputs.

Added latching digital functions and the ability for each CAN Inputs to control 2 digital functions (both on the PDM and ECU).

CAN-rate changes no longer need an ECU-reboot to get applied.

Added a Gear Counter Feedback option to the Shiftcut system.

Added a Shift Force AIN (0-5V) class and Shift Force (Strain Gauge) trigger options for the Shiftcut system.

Added a min reactivation time setting to the Shiftcut system.

Added a 3 point calibration linear calibration mode for AIN (0-5V) sensors.

Extended the valid NTC sensor resistance range.

New injector presets: ID 1050/1300/1700/2600 Injector Dynamics.

New sensor presets: RIFE temp sensors.

Math channels function update.

Added options to calibrate PDM Inputs as analog inputs.

Added 6 bit Bit builder channels to the PDM.

Added 6 Counter channels to the PDM.

Added Switch decoders to the PDM.

Added a PDM output mode (Output 3-8 modes) to handle wiper parking better in low/high speed modes.

Added selectable PDM Input filtering.

Selectable PDM CAN bitrate settings.

PDM CAN keypad support for the Grayhill/Motec 15-key keypad in Keypad settings.

Improved PDM bootloader.

PDM fault codes now available in MDash Android app.

Fixed a bug causing the power hold output to not release if post key cool down was enabled but no fan output was set.        

Fixed a bug causing MTune to refuse to save sections of logs in different file formats if the log-file was created before version 1.134

Fixed a bug where the log file autotuner always operated on the first page of 4D tables (now it works on the active page)

Fixed a bug in Math channels where multiplication by a negative factor was calculated incorrectly.

Fixed a bug causing an unknown error code when SENT protocol input and a VVT input was activated on DIN 1 and DIN 2.

Fixed a bug causing AINs assigned as digital functions on PRO ECUs to be one channel offset.

Fixed inaccurate Battery Voltage readings on some ECUs.

Fixed a bug causing the output test mode dwell and pulse widths to be inaccurate.

Fixed a bug that could cause the VVT to not work until after a restart when first enabling the outputs.

Fixed a bug causing some new RealTime Data values (with index above 1024) not to work as conditions in user/internal outputs.

Fixed a bug causing the per-channel EGT calibration to not work.

Fixed a bug causing the BARO not to be sampled in some situations.

Fixed a bug where the cylinder fuel trim tables could affect other table calculations in extremely uncommon situations.

Fixed a bug causing the Control enable settings in the Boost solenoid (closed loop) to not show up in open-loop mode.

Fixed a PDM bug where the hazard signals latching would be activated in switch/stalks mode (it should only work in button mode).

Fixed a bug where Overrun fuel cut had priority over Anti-lag.

Fixed a bug causing some CAN OBD-II input variables not to work properly.

Fixed a bug causing outputs to very briefly be turned off when using the test output buttons.

Fixed a bug causing the DCT blip signal not to work properly when the MS42/43 OEM CAN protocol was activated as the same time as the BMW E9x DCT (GS7D36SG) gearbox control.


Download here.

Release date: 2021-03-22