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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


Added virtual outputs. Any output system can be assigned to an RT-value that can be used for CAN Outputs, Bit builder channels, tables etc.

Lambda back pressure correction tables and new analog input for post turbo placement.

Added a new Oil Pressure Cut system together with a new error code: 46 - Protection: Low Oil Pressure Cut activated.

New OEM CAN protocol: Porsche Boxster 2003 with PSM (ME 7.8).

New OEM CAN protocol: Volvo C30 (ME9.0) BETA.

New OEM CAN protocol: Audi S4 B6 VAG PL46 (ME 7.1.1).

New OEM CAN protocol: Audi A4 B7 VAG PL47 2006 (MED 9.1).

BMW E85 EKPM (Fuel Pump Control module) support.

Added options for user-defined calibration of Ethanol sensor (for use with other fuels than Ethanol/Gasoline).

Added settings to change the boost controller activation MAP (was 120kPa before any solenoid output was active).

The Starter motor input can now stop the engine in "Manual control mode" as well. New Setting to enable or disable this function.

New Up shift trigger type settings for the Sequential gearbox control.

New RealTime Data value: Fuel pump state.

New trigger: Honda J30A4 (crank + CAM).

New trigger: Nissan CAS/GM LT1 cam with missing tooth crank.

New trigger: Volvo T6 NA CAM (B6294S2).

Rescaled tachometer output for the Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2) / BMW E46 328i (MS42) / BMW E46 330i (MS43) / BMW E39 M5 (MSS52) OEM CAN protocols.

BMW E46 328i (MS42), BMW E46 330i (MS43), BMW E39 M5 (MSS52), Toyota GT86 and Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2) added to the tachometer value presentation system.

Increased the max ASE trim from 120 to 300 seconds, Fuel start/warmup/ase.

Changed SHIFT+HOME and SHIFT+END to select all cells to the right or left of the current selection.

Added a CTRL key modifier to make 0.1 steps in tables.

New PDM digital input Lights, flash to pass and momentary options to the High Beam output.

PDM low beam in auto mode is lighted 1 minute after engine off when the ignition key is still on.

PDM20 in states added.

MTune ECU lock password dialog focus update.

New ECU digital input function: Engine runtime+max reset.

The digital input function Boost Control Enable is now also available as an option for the Boost control: Open loop (simple) function.

New setting crank tooth offset for VVTi, VVT cam position inputs.

New option for unsyncronized start: enabled, starts in wasted spark, keeps running if cam is missing.

New output: Transmission, TCC/lockup PWM solenoid.

Added ramping for lockup converter control.

HV Electronics CAN lambda used old CAN IDs, updated to use the correct ones.

AEM-X series CAN lambda can now be used on channel 2 also.

The latest USB drivers added to the installer (Windows 11 compatible).

BMW DCT gearbox control, MTune button to reset TCU adaptations (except clutch relearn), available in DCT Settings.

BMW DCT gearbox control, option to read OBD TCU data like clutch pressure, line pressure , available in DCT Settings.

BMW DCT gearbox control, now transmits real revlimiter values in auto mode, and max in manual mode.

BMW DCT gearbox control, max/min allowed up/down shift warnings can now be disabled by entering "0".

BMW DCT gearbox control, internal speed filter added.

BMW E9x (MSS60) OEM CAN protocol will now transmit correct signals to OE AC module to activate the magnetic clutch.

VAG DSG, internal change where we read gearbox mode and actual gear to support older DSG gearboxes.

Bosch multisensor preset added.

Honeywell PX3AN2BS150PSAAX added to the sensor preset list.

New analog channel: Fuel temp.

The maximum limit for outgoing CAN messages was raised from 32 to 64.

Increased the number of Bluetooth channels transmitted to MDash.

Optimized Bluetooth memory buffer (internally).

Improved bootloader update (faster control of the H-bridge outputs).

Some 4L80 gearboxes with trans brake produced wrong gear positions, corrected.

Found a bug that could upset the user PID when it's enabled during startup.

Fixed a bug causing the log download window to not work.

Fixed a bug that could cause static values in very long logs to be logged as zero.

Fixed a bug causing some DIN functions to not work correctly when controlled from internal outputs.

Fixed a bug causing search-able selection boxes to scroll to the bottom when searching.

Fixed a bug in the BMW E9x (MSS60) OEM CAN protocol related to AC button not being properly triggered.

Fixed a bug where a digital input function added to the input function 2 on User CAN input did not bring up the settings page.

Fixed a bug where the fifth gear was missing in GUI for the Toyota A650E gearbox.

Fixed a bug in the traction control when a high update rate and a very low decay rate was used.

Fixed a bug where the Cruise control, enable switch prevented the cruise control to activate.

Fixed a PDM bug causing the low beam light output to be in auto-mode even if a manual input was configured.

Fixed a PDM min current issue.


Download here.

Release date: 2022-08-05