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Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


Volvo ME 7.0.1 (250kbit) was added to the Tachometer output value presentation function.

New External transmission controller was added to the CAN Powertrain controls, and New RealTime Data values like clutch pressure/temp and a bunch of torque values related to transmission control added.

Oil temp, engine target torque, clutch 1/2 temp/pressure/actual torque, line pressure, and clutch slip added for the VAG DSG DQ500 CAN control.

New analog CAN System EKPM control (0-100%) channel added.

BMW E9x EKPM (Fuel Pump Control Module) as a standalone CAN peripheral control option.

BMW E9x (MSS60) can now control the BMW EKPM, and a new pump control strategy if no analog control channel enabled in software.

Fine-tuned the cruise control behavior for the Volvo ME 7.0.1 (250kbit) OEM CAN protocol.

Crankshaft Deceleration HOME sync for odd fire and 1-cylinder engines.

Increased PW limit to 200ms (was 100ms) during cranking.

Increased the time unsynchronized start expecting a valid CAM pattern to 6 seconds (was 3 seconds).

Added 2 more User PID channels.

Offset option for CLT and IAT inputs.

Group 180/360 injection methods added.

Support for external ECUmaster CAN lambda controller.

Windows 11 USB drivers were added to the installation.

Fixed a bug causing sporadic early cut with GP Limiters.

Fixed a bug where PW values over 65ms were not correctly logged (16-bit value logged, but internally processed as a 32-bit value in the ECU).

Fixed a bug where the Mitsubishi 4/2 trigger system stopped working in MTune 1.143.


Download here.

Release date: 2022-03-04