Nissan 370JZ - Calle Linnarsson (Sweden)

“MaxxECU helps you focus on the most important thing, DRIVING!“

I’ve been running MaxxECU in all my builds, and I would never use anything else! User friendly software, best flying lead there is and many advantages speaks for the MaxxECU! Built-in wideband, 8x EGT drivers, E-throttle, shift-cut etc. All you need is the box, no extra modules needed. MaxxECU watches over everything from Lambda, EGT, oil-pressure, temperatures. So i can focus on the most importante thing. Driving!

Nissan 370JZ
Engine 3.4L 2JZ
Power 900WHP
Fuel type E85
Owner Calle Linnarsson (Sweden)

Samsonas seq gearbox with Shiftcut. ALS and Launch control. First 370Z with 2JZ in the world. AIM Dash with GPS connected to MaxxECU over CAN. Widebody kit from fiberglassmaffia with Amuse bodykit. Fully built with rollcage, bashbar rear and front, plastic windows etc.