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MaxxECU RACE harness (connector 2)

Product no: 1787

MaxxECU RACE harness for connector 2 which extends MaxxECU RACE with E-Throttle, knock inputs, extra in and out

Flying lead harness made of thin wall automotive high quality cables with printed identification to make the installation process easier

Extends with functionality
  • EGT 1-8 (with mini-k connector on harness)
  • Knock sensor (dual)
  • Analog in 5-8
  • Digital in 4, 5
  • GPO 15, 16 (+12V)
  • GPO/Motor 11 - 14 (+12V/GND)

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MaxxECU RACE harness 2 (EGT, E-Throttle, extra)
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