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Digital inputs.

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MaxxECU has digital inputs (DIN x) that can be used to trigger certain Digital input functions.

Note: User CAN inputs, AIN x can also be used to trigger digital input functions.



Digital Input (DIN x)




Specifies the digital input function to be triggered when the DIN x input gets active.


active level

Activate the digital input function when input gets high or low.



Use internal pullup (+5V), to be able to trigger the input when connected to GND.

Note: if you do not enable the Pullup on this input, you can either input +5V or +12V to trigger it.

Note: Internal pullup on MaxxECU DINx (digital input) is 2k5 ohm).


input type

Digital or VR input.

Note: Not all MaxxECUs has this option, depending on MaxxECU hardware revision.

Note: DIN x inputs will trigger on 0.15V when set to VR.



Using AIN (temperature) as digital input


In the above example a simple switch is connected between GND and AIN 1 to close the circuit and activates

the secondary boost target in boost control.



Example wiring to ground a DIN x (with pullup activated) or AIN (temperature) (since these AIN (temp) have built-in pullup they can be triggered when grounded.




Using AIN (0-5V) as digital input


You can also use an AIN (0-5V) to trigger a digital input by wiring a +5V or +12V source through a switch to a AIN (0-5V) input.



In the above example where we set AIN 4 active level to active high, the boost target changes to boost target 2.



Example wiring to trigger a digital input function on a AIN (0-5V) input.



How to make digital input 3 (DIN 3) visible?

MaxxECU V1/RACE and PRO (REV4+) has the ability to use GPO 7 as digital input 3 (DIN 3).



GPO 7 used as digital input 3 (DIN 3) in the above example in Output --> Output config.




In Inputs --> Digital inputs, DIN 3 is now available for usage in MaxxECU.



Video tutorial

Where is MaxxECU DIgital input 3 (DIN 3)