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MaxxECU online help

Function to "blip" the throttle while downshifting, with the possibility to rev match.


Note: During the "blip-time" an external RPM limiter is activated (Rev match limiter, Limiter type) that is dependent on the drive shaft RPM and the following gear to be inserted.

(if the ECU is shifting to third gear (example 1.5 gear ratio) and the drive shaft RPM is 4000, the rev limiter is set to 6000RPM), and as soon as the gear is engaged the rev limiter is deactivated).



Throttle blip



Specifies whether to use this function or not.


Enabled, always on


analog gear sensor feedback

Specifies whether to use an Analog Gear position sensor to abort current blip when next gear is seated.


Enabled,abort when next gear is engaged.


Enable below TPS

Specifies the maximum TPS to activate this function, TPS angles below this value will enable.



rev match


rev mach limiter

Specifies the usage of the rev match feature.




limiter type

Specifies which type of engine RPM limiter to use.

Ignition cut

Fuel cut


gear count

Specifies the amount of forwarding gears available in the system.


X gear ratio

Specifies the gear ratio on the corresponding gear.



Throttle activation


added air

Specifies how the system gets the extra air from to rev up.

Solenoid - The extra air needed is from a dedicated solenoid hosed to enter air into the engine bypassing the throttle body, required the Anti-lag air solenoid output to be used.

E-Throttle - Extra air comes from the E-Throttle body, which is the recommended way of doing this.



Blip time


blip time table

Dynamic table specifies the time (in seconds) to run the solenoid or open the E-Throttle.



Throttle target


Note: Only available when E-Throttle is selected as the added air activation above.


Throttle target table

Dynamic table specifies the E-Throttle target position (in %).