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Skidoo 900T 2019-2022 (Bosch ME 17.8.5)

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The Skidoo CAN protocol is fully compatible with all OE factory dash displays on 900 turbo and 1200 E-Tec models from 2016 to 2022.

This includes the older analog dash displays as well as the most recent digital units.

All factory functions are supported for displaying RPM, vehicle speed, engine temperature, odometer reading, rider power mode setting (Eco, Standard and Sport).


Alarms are also supported for oil pressure (80kpa), overheating (102C), low battery (10.5V) and global Check Engine.

A special engine knock alarm has also been included which is not available on factory vehicles.  


It is now also possible for MaxxECU users to improve the accuracy of the vehicle speed reading by adjusting speedometer output parameters, adding flexibility when changing track drivers for non factory models.




Wheel speed correction function added in MTune 1.142.

MTune 1.142: Initial support.



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