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MaxxECU online help

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Boost adjustment: extra table

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Enable extra adjustment table in the dropdown box:


Add % to main table.

Add extra table duty to main duty table.

90% duty in main table, and 5% in extra table, gives 95% boost duty in total.


Multiply with main table.

Multiply extra table duty with main duty.

100% = no adjustments.

90% = 90% of main table duty.




In the above example we are using the "Multiply with main table" functionality.

We are using Vehicle Speed (VSS) AND MDash Bluetooth button switch as axis sources. With one easy click on connected

tablet, we can change the behavior of the boost control extra table.



Note: Source axis can always be changed here, right click on axis!




Another more advanced setup based on ethanol concentration and intake air temperature sensors. Just another

example whats possible with MaxxECU.