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Ignition output cylinder x

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Output to set the ignition cylinder output to a specific cylinder.

Note: The regular Ignition output is the only mode that is automatic and uses the firing order to output to the correct cylinder.



Used on GPOs (low driving)

Can be used on GPOs (low driving) wired to a specific cylinder to trigger ignition modules (driving low during the dwell time, and releasing when its time to fire). Used to trigger ignition modules that like a grounding signal instead of 5V. (MSD boxes, some old Toyota and Honda etc).




Measure the input pin of the ignition module while it's powered (without the ECU connected). If there's voltage (3V or more) on that pin it needs a grounding trigger instead, and therefore it must be used on a GPO instead of IGN.





Wired all cylinders in CYLINDER order (which it should be done)


1. In configuration --> engine settings, firing order of 1,3,42, is set.



2. With the above settings, ignition output in the following order:


1.IGN output 1 (cylinder 1)

2.IGN output 4 (cylinder 3)

3.IGN output 2 (cylinder 4)

4.IGN output 3 (cylinder 2)



Note: The below is an bad example how you can do it if you have wired coils in firing order instead of cylinder order.



Wired all cylinders in FIRING order <-- this is when you had a brain fart and did not read all our instructions tells you to wire in cylinder order...


1. In configuration --> engine settings, firing order of 1,3,42, is set.



2. Since you have wired all ignition coils in firing order (not in cylinder order) you have to assign the output cylinders in firing order.


5.IGN output 1 (cylinder 1)

6.IGN output 4 (cylinder 2)

7.IGN output 2 (cylinder 3)

8.IGN output 3 (cylinder 4)