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Ignition output

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Regular ignition output, automatic mode and assumes IGN output wired in cylinder order and the correct firing order entered.


Ignition output are +5v driven, please use coils with internal amplifiers.

MSD ignition is most likely GND driven, therefore use Ignition output cylinder x instead.



Measure the input pin of the ignition module while it's powered (without the ECU connected). If there's voltage (3V or more) on that pin it needs a grounding trigger instead, and therefore it must be used on a GPO instead of IGN.





In configuration --> engine settings, firing order of 1,3,42, is set.




Here the ignition output (which assumes a cylinder order wiring) is assigned to the IGN 1 - 4.


With the above settings, ignition output in the following order:

1.IGN output 1 (cylinder 1)

2.IGN output 4 (cylinder 3)

3.IGN output 2 (cylinder 4)

4.IGN output 3 (cylinder 2)




If you had a brain fart while wiring all your ignition outputs, and wired them in firing order instead of cylinder order, please see Ignition output cylinder x how to easy fix that without rewiring.