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PDM Output settings

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output fault setting



The Min current setting is only visible when there is an undercurrent fault set.


Max A

Specifies the Maximum current (Ampere) that this output will let through on that output (current limiter), and also the value used to determine any overcurrent.


overcurrent reset

If it gets an overload fault, it will turn off (the time before it shuts off depends on how big the overload current is, 1min to 0.001sec).

After X seconds (Overcurrent reset (retry time)) it will turn on the output again. If it still has a fault it will try MAX N number of times (Overcurrent reset (retry count)).

After that it will not try to turn it on again until after a manual fault reset, or a power cycle that resets fault code (main 12V or just the ECU supply depending on settings).


undercurrent fault

Specifies the delay in time before the PDM triggers an undercurrent error code on the relevant output (based on the below min current value).


min current

Specifies the minimum current for this output, used for the above undercurrent fault system.

Note: The Undercurrent Fault threshold is 75% of the set Min Current. The Minimum Current is scaled by the output duty cycle for PWM controlled outputs. No Undercurrent Faults are set below 30% output duty.


Soft start

The soft start function does a PWM ramp up during the set time to limit the in-rush current for heavy fans and pumps.

This required twisted pair wiring as described on the wiring diagram to avoid potential interference problems.

Note: Never use this soft start on electronic units (ECUs, gauges etc).



See, PDM20 wiring diagram.