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MaxxECU online help

Boost cut


Boost cut enable

Enable/disable function.


Boost limit value

Fixed value - Static boost limit value.

Table - User defined table as boost limit.


Boost limit level

Specifies which boost level to activate the boost cut function.


Activation delay

Specifies the time in seconds which MaxxECU is allowed to be above the Boost limit level. Some "overshooting" on lower gears might occur, use this setting to prevent unnecessary boost cuts.





Reactivation mode

Below fixed TPS

Below fixed TPS or throttle change %


reactivate below TPS

Specifies the TPS opening to reactivate this safety function.


reactivate TPS delta

% change in TPS (from where the error occurred) to reactivate this function.






User selected axis sources to reflect CLT and ethanol concentration (requires an Ethanol sensor).