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MaxxECU online help

Engine type

The engine type used.

Piston 4-stroke

Piston 2-stroke

Wankel / rotary


Cylinder count

Number of cylinders.


Engine displacement

Engine size in cc.


Engine Max Crank RPM

The RPM above which the engine is considered running.

At this RPM the ecu switches from the cranking fuel table to the regular fuel tables.

Default value = 300 rpm



Disable fuel and ignition

Note: This function is now moved to Inputs --> Trigger/Home inputs.



Engine Fireorder

The order of the ignition and fuel to be delivered.

Check your engine documentation for correct numbers.



Firing angle calculations, Manual TDC angles.

0-720 degrees (full engine cycle in 4-stroke mode).

Cylinder 1 should always be 0.

Each cylinders TDC needs to be unique and in ascending order.


Firing angle calculations, Automatic TDC angles.

Used on "Even" fire engines. Firing angles are calculated in MaxxECU and no need for user inputs.



60degree V6 (even fire):

Event 1: 0

Event 2: 120

Event 3: 240

Event 4: 360

Event 5: 480

Event 6: 600


90degree V-twin:

Event 1: 0

Event 2: 270

Note: Enter all firing angles in ascending order. Restart ECU after updating.