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Trigger pattern generator

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trigger pattern generator



Enable or disables the trigger pattern generator output function.


rpm source

Analog input - Use the analog input

slider - Use the below slider as RPM source.

engine RPM (not synchronized) - Uses the Engine RPM from MaxxECU, but not synchronized, cannot be used to send RPM signal to an OEM ECM for fuel/ign since it is NOT synchronized.


Note: If using the above ANALOG INPUT as the RPM source, 500.0 = max RPM below.


max rpm

Specifies the MAX RPM the pattern generator can output.



Which output pattern to generate from the list.


invert trigger

Invert the TRIGGER output.


invert cam

Invert the CAM/HOME output.







Using the slider as RPM source


In the above example, we use the slider to output a 24-2 trigger pattern at approx ~800RPM, the slider is 0-100% of the Max RPM value.



Using an analog input as RPM source


1. Wire an analog and enable it as pattern generator rpm and calibrate the output to 0-100%.



2. Select analog input as RPM source, depending on your calibration, the output will move from 0 to 1000RPM.