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MaxxECU online help

MTune tune file (.MaxxECU-save)

The tune file used by MTune.



The .MaxxECU-save file, which is a XML file. Here opened in a text editor to see the content.



MTune log file: (.MaxxECU-log)

The actual log file, which is basically a tab delimited file format, commonly used by many ECU systems and loggers.



The .MaxxECU-log file opened in an text editor.



Comma-Separated Values file: (.csv)


MTune can export logfile in the .CSV file format for easy import into external aftermarket softwares.



MTune log file: (.MaxxECU-Zip-log)

Basically a compressed file (zip) with the logfile (.MaxxECU-log) you saved, AND the current tune (.MaxxECU-save) from the ECU when the log started.

Note: If using the ECU Logging settings, it saves the tune from the ECU right after the download is finished).




How to extract the tune (.MaxxECU-save) and log file (.MaxxECU-log) from the zip-log file (.MaxxECU-Zip-log)



1. Make sure your windows operating system show file extensions, here is a video explaining how to do it.




2. Rename the ".MaxxECU-Zip.log" extension to ".zip" by right clicking and select "rename", a confirmation dialog will appear, please answer "yes" to that one...




3. Open the .zip file in winzip, winrar or use the built-in windows extraction tool (right click, extract..). The tune and the logfile is now extracted and can be used as you like.



Note: In MTune 1.122 and newer, you also have the ability to export the logfile to a CSV format.