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39 - Trigger error: No cam signal / incorrect pattern

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When the Unsyncronized start feature is activated (Triggers/Home inputs), and the CAM signal is not detected after 3 seconds, you will get this code.

Note: Please read the documentation regarding the unsyncronized start feature, before enabling it.



Running unsyncronized start forever without CAM (not possible)

Technically it's easy. But we decided against allowing it since there are shortcomings that may cause problems running an engine that has been tuned sequentially without cam sync.

Unsyncronized start uses 360 fueling until it sees the cam signal. If the dead times are incorrect it may not get the same amount of fuel delivered, and it will run out of duty % a bit earlier than running in sequential 720 mode.

VVT will not work without cam sync.

KNOCK sensing will not work without can sync. If the tuner knows that it runs OK in 360 mode, and that it's not using VVTi or knock it should run fine, but the tuner needs to be informed of this when selecting this option.