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15 - VVT position sensor error

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Faulty VVT position signal or wrongfully configured.




You will receive this error code if your engine is running and an invalid VVT cam position is detected when one or more input sensors is enabled.




If a cam position sensor is enabled, and no valid sensor position is presented, it is most likely a wrong trigger pattern setting, or a wiring issue, or even a wrong basetune selected.




A VVT control set to enabled might also cause this error code.




If you have a non VVTi engine and still gets this error


1. Check your output config if there is an VVT solenoid active, if not please activate one output as VVT exhaust cam 1 advance / single solenoid.




2. Make sure no position sensor is enabled. Disable the input, and remove the output configured as the VVT exhaust cam 1 advance / single solenoid, and remove the error code.