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Common operations

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Note: All the below operations can be done with engine running, no need to restart ECU or similar.



Change load or speed axis in tables



Right click on the axis value, select Change axis source




Select the new axis source, use the automatic rescale option or not, press OK and follow the instructions to change axis source.




Here, the load axis changed to TPS instead of MAP.


Note: Most tables are changeable on the axis.



Add/remove axis values



Right click on the axis you want to add or remove values to/from and do your selection and confirm the changes.

Insertion of values can be done anytime, anywhere, except if the table is fully used already.




Example of custom axis values, where you can increase resolution in a certain area for any reasons.



Section graph view (MTune 1.108 feature)





When a axis cell is marked, a section graph view is displayed under the actual table.