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RPM limit, use secondary limit RPM

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When input active, secondary RPM limit is selected.

Required rev limiter source: "Two values, switch activated".


See also, Rev limit.



Example configuration


Example configuration using two different rev limiters, which could be triggered using internal outputs, digital input. In this example, normal rev limit is at 12000RPM, and when the "Secondary RPM limit" input is triggered, rev limiter is 8000RPM.




In this example we are using Advanced --> Internal outputs to trigger the input function "Secondary RPM limit".

When coolant temp is above 112C, rev limiter is 8000RPM.

When ethanol concentration is less than 60%, rev limiter is 8000RPM.

When Digital input 1 (DIN1) is active (which in this case could be a "burnout" switch), rev limiter is 8000RPM.